Mindset, Vision, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, and more
Analytical thinking, researching, cognitive flexibility, metacognition, and more.
Author time management, overcoming writer's block, resilience and perseverance, etc
Associations and organizations, writing groups and workshops, author retreats, guest blogging, etc
Retail distribution, e-book distribution, bookstore and library outreach, book signing, etc
website creation, brand identity development, author voice and persona, etc
Author platform building, book launch planning, reviews and endorsements, publicity, etc
Trad publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing, print-on-demand
Query letter writing, agent research, submission preparation, pitching, etc
Structural editing, copy editing, line editing, proofreading etc
Narrative voice, dialogue mastery, pacing and tension, show, don't tell etc
Plot creation, character development, conflict and tension, world building, etc